HMI’s & Operator Controls

HMIs and Operator Controls Maximize Your Automation Systems

Industrial automation systems are designed to help your operators produce more and better parts, while reducing dangerous or labor intensive tasks. While these automation systems increase your bottom line, some operator interaction will still be necessary. In these instances, PRI Robotics uses Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs.) These touch screen driven devices provide a graphical interface that allows user-friendly interaction between man and machine.

Some of the key functions of HMIs include:

Part Selection
When your system requires multiple parts to be run, an HMI can provide an easy means of entering data into the system. Instead of complicated and cumbersome panels of pushbuttons and lights, a custom touch screen can be created to allow an unlimited number of selections.

System Status
When you need diagnostics and system status, a graphical representation of your system can be put on your HMI. Common information shown by your HMI might include: part counts, cycle times, error logs, and current cell information like “parts low”, or “components faulted”.

Data Collection
HMI packages allow you to create database entries based on events in your system. If you need to track the time a part was completed, amount of materials used in an hour, or uptime vs. downtime on peripheral equipment, our HMI data collection solution can automate those requirements.

Custom HMIs and touch screens can be created for almost any industrial application. If you have an idea of something you’d like for your operator interface, there is probably a way to do it and PRI Robotics will help you achieve your results. Our engineers have many years of experience creating operator-friendly user interfaces for industrial automation.

Contact PRI Robotics today to learn more about maximizing your automation solutions with HMIs.