Bobcat Case Study

Client: Bobcat


Location: Litchfield, MN


Problem: As with many manufacturing companies in Minnesota, DII Attachments (formerly known as Bobcat) of Litchfield is dealing with a shortage of qualified welders. This shortage creates a challenge when it comes to capacity and getting product delivered on time. Additionally, Bobcat’s large weldments were not compatible with traditional welding robots.


Solution: Bobcat called on PRI Robotics to help them find a solution to their capacity dilemma. PRI worked cooperatively with Bobcat to develop the most effective solution and system configuration. The final design included two of FANUC’s new M710iC/10L welding robots and (3) servo-controlled workstations. Resembling large giraffes, these robots have a 122″ radial reach and a 22# payload. Utilizing “dual arm technology”, the two robots share a common teach pendant so safety and programming are optimized. PRI also worked closely with Bobcat to integrate three hydraulic fixtures provided by Bobcat and custom programmed by PRI.


Outcome: The robots have been installed and they are producing quality weldments. The capacity issue has been resolved.


Bobcat Case Study


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