3 New Engineering Interns To Our Team

PRI Robotics has added three new engineering interns to our team. Brandon O’Brien, Cullen Steinhauser and Michael Coughlin will be helping our engineers and technicians with various projects throughout the summer. They are currently working on an economy robot package, 3D modeling, dimensioning, and full assemblies of different parts.  PRI is happy to have their help and proud to offer this educational opportunity.

All three interns will be going back to school in the fall, when the internship ends. Cullen will be entering his Junior year at Iowa State University, Michael will be a senior at North Dakota State University, and Brandon will be continuing his education at Dunwoody College of Technology.

Robotics Integrator Informational Video

Redeployable Robotics Demo

A Case Study Featuring Redeployable Robots

Client: Die Casting Company located in Minnesota


Problem: A Minnesota die casting company utilized a robotic automation system that tended to a series of horizontal machining centers. After a few years of operation, the production requirements changed significantly. The die casting company desired to move the automation away from the horizontal machining centers completely, and instead integrate the automation into to a vertical machining center and lathe. Rather than undergo the costly expense of replacing their existing robotic automation system, they were looking for a way to alter and adjust it to meet the new application requirements they had set.

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