Maintain successful industrial robot productivity with proper robot training documentation.

PRI Robotics understands the importance of detailed, accurate and consolidated documentation for your industrial robots. All PRI Robotics’ industrial automation systems include a ROBOT SYSTEM MAINTENANCE MANUAL.

Your customized robot systems manual contains the following documentation:


SECTION 1: Control Description SECTION 2: Structural Detail
SECTION 3: Component Listing   SECTION 4: Electrical Schematics 
SECTION 5: PLC Logic Listing SECTION 6: Peripheral Tech Manuals


PRI Robotics, Inc. produces custom training, service, and applications manuals to meet with your specific needs:



Robot Programmer’s Training Manuals

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    Panasonic “A” Controller Programmer Training Manual

  • Panasonic “C” & “P” Controller Programmer Training Manual
  • FANUC”RJ-3″ Controller Programmer Training Manual

Robotic Welding Manuals

  • Panasonic Robotic Welding Training Manual
  • Lincoln Robotic Welding Training Manual

Equipment Operation & Technical Manuals

  • Panasonic “VR-II” Series Robot Operations Manual
  • Panasonic HM350-II & HM500-II Operations Manual
  • FANUC”RJ-3″ Series Robot Operations Manual
  • Lincoln PowerWave 455R Operations Manual

Other Technical Documents

  • Robotic Welding Fixturing Manual
  • Robotic Welding Programmer Candidate Quiz

PRI Robotics provides you with the documentation you need to ensure your industrial robot runs at peak performance. Contact us today!