Costs & Justifications


Direct Labor Reduction through Factory Automation

  • Savings of one or more operators per shift of operation

Spindle Utilization Improvement

  • Manual machine tending yields 65% spindle utilization
  • Robotic machine tending yields 90% spindle utilization
  • Thus, 90/65 = 38% spindle utilization improvement *
  • Less direct labor
  • More machine capacity for more product and profit
  • Less equipment required

Quality Improvements

  • Extremely accurate and consistent robot repeatability from industrial robotics
  • Vision capabilities possible with factory automation
  • Elimination of human error

Operator Safety & Ergonomic Improvements

  • Harsh or dangerous working environment issues are eliminated by factory automation
  • Repetitive motion issues eliminated

Scrap Reduction

  • Industrial robots are more consistent and accurate (no fatigue)
  • Vision can verify features
  • Less damage by part handling

Material Savings

  • More consistent deposition (welding, dispensing, etc.) with factory automation

Promotional Tool

  • Customer’s perception of supplier with factory automation can result in more business

* FANUC Robotics’ provided statistic